PrivacyChain is a Distributed Data Management System (DDMS) that stores, secures and controls individual data records of any type, across the universe of devices, anywhere

You Can't Steal What You Can't Find

PrivacyChain Distributed Data Management

PrivacyChain stores any individual data record (e.g. document, transaction, video etc.) as an independent, self-contained, self-aware data object that is directly findable by query. Each record is individually and uniquely encrypted and controlled. Records can be stored, secured and managed on any device, anywhere.

The implications are far-reaching and important:

Data Security

Data continues to be securely protected after it hs been exfiltrated

Data Resilience

Compromised data is recovered from individually backed up and synchronized clones

Data Convenience

Data is stored where it is needed, as close to point of need as possible, including at "the edge"

Data Interoperability

Data is seamlessly delivered from one application to another, without point to point translations or ETL

Distributed Data Storage

Data can be stored and backed up using unused capacity across all available devices

Data Privacy

Access, usage and privacy requirements are automatically applied at the record level

Data Integrity and Provenance

A life-long immutable history of everything that happens to a record is maintained

Data Discovery

Data can be directly found by query anywhere, without pre-established relationships or heirarchy

Data Learning & Monitoring

Data generates more data such median and standard deviation and can alert on self-monitored abnormal activity

AI/LLM Data Control

Output from a model is regulated according to the rights of the recipient, ensuring sensitive data protection

PrivacyChain - The Future of Data

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Key Benefits

The PrivacyChain Distributed Data Management System delivers potentially significant revenue and cost benefits to an organization.

Minimize Data Leak Risk and Costs

Protect against ransomware and other costs of a data leak. Data secured by PrivacyChain remains inaccessible to an attacker, even after it has been exfiltrated.

Reduce Data Recovery Costs

Compromised data is recovered from synchronized individual record back-ups, dramatically reducing the time and cost of data recovery.

Reduce Data Compliance Costs

Relevant usage, access and privacy compliance controls are automatically applied whenever authorized access is granted to a record.

Rationalize Data Storage Costs

Manage data storage costs by utilizing unused storage capacity on all the organization's devices (such as servers, laptops, tablets and even employee phones).

Improve Data Performance

Store data locally, where it is used and needed. Automatically manage the creation, distribution and deletion of each record and its clones based on usage requirements e.g. location, frequency and volume

Rationalize Existing Data Costs

Rationalize existing Cybersecurity spend, Master Data Management, ETL and related costs. Distributed storage of "smart" data obviates much of centralized storage, control and management of "dumb" data.

Accelerate Data Utilization

Data is directly findable and accessible by query (subject to relevant security & other controls). Data is seamlessly delivered in the format expected by the receiving system, irrespective of its original format.

Increase Data Monetization

Enforce ownership rights on digital assets of any kind, throughout their lifetime. Earn revenue through any revenue model based on sale, resale, usage, stream etc. including multi-level commercial arrangements.

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Coming Soon - The First Application built on the Privacy Chain DDMS

Complete, permanent command and control of each, individual Microsoft File, no matter where it is stored across your organization.

Example Use Cases

PrivacyChain's unique Distributed Data Management System offers disruptive improvement in many use cases and industries.

Please explore how PrivacyChain tackles data related problems and delivers value in the examples listed below.

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Copyright@2023 Privacy Chain LLC.

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